Right-Wing on the War Path Against Single-Payer

Hello single-payer advocates!

It is Duell Lauderdale, President of MU Tigers for Universal Health Care. Been a bit of an interesting trend on the internet lately. I think the right-wing knows that a major debate about single-payer is just over the horizon because lately it seems that they have been bringing it up as often as progressives in some respects. Even Fox News had a feature on single-payer this week.¬†Further reform is finally beginning to appear inevitable. So with this trend we can expect a misinformation campaign from the right-wing to begin. We should expect this campaign to include, but not be limited to, misrepresentations about what single-payer stands for, its benefits to society, or even the likelihood that such a program is sustainable. Additionally, we should expect misrepresentation due to outright confusion of what single-payer is or how it works. Here we have a great example. “Generation Opportunity”, a right-wing think-tank aimed at young Americans, recently started circulating a meme on Facebook regarding a national healthcare program:


Before too long, the meme had appeared in countless other right-wing and libertarian circles. The core idea being presented in it is actually terribly misinforming in every sense. The comparison of the Obamacare healthcare exchange and a single-payer national healthcare system is null. As single-payer advocates, we know the premise is illogical because a single-payer healthcare system wouldn’t require a website linking up private consumers with private insurance companies. It would be everybody in, nobody out. Everyone in America is covered, from birth to death. You go to the doctor, you get the treatment, and the single-payer fund pays the bill. This is indeed one of the reasons that we WANT single-payer! It is SIMPLE and EFFICIENT. There are no back and fourths with the administrative bureaucracy of the private insurance industry, no need to “browse” for the best deal on a website. The current method of delivery for American healthcare has been a waste of our time and money AND it has not produced superior results. To all the single-payer advocates who have seen this meme from Generation Opportunity and have been looking for a rebuttal, I hope this helps you out! We must fight commonly accepted misinformation with logic, truth, and sometimes a witty internet meme! I believe that we now have all these on our side.



Duell Lauderdale

President MU TUHC



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